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C.S.S Lights
Learn about Communication Safety System products
Green Light - End of Group or Rider Alone
Yellow Light - Riders Approaching

Communications Safety Light System

In an effort to improve the safety of snowmobilers, the New Hampshire Fish and Game and the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association is endorsing that riders keep both hands on the handle bars when you are notifying oncoming snowmobiles that you have riders behind you. The idea is to keep riders hands on their handle bars and not in the air signaling to oncoming sleds, especially in turns.

This is done by using a Communications Safety Light System consisting of an Amber or Green lighted mounted on the left side of the snowmobile from the seat position

Option 1: To learn more about the RideLite C.S.S. product line and how to purchase a lighting system please visit their web site here:
RideLite.  This unit has a few wiring options for installation, and costs around $100.00 for the unit w/o the wiring kit.

Option 2: To use a lower cost alternative solution, you can purchase portable clip on lights that sell for about $13.00 each (Plus Shipping and Handling). 

If you are interested in this lower cost option, select the following link to learn more and purchase the Guardian Duel Function LED’s.  Just clip the proper colored light onto your sled’s windshield or mirror with little or no modifications. These are battery powered units that require no wiring or electrical knowledge, so you may need to purchase a few extra batteries as well. Remember that you need to order two units, one each of the Amber light (Yellow) and Green lights.

This is not an advertisement or endorsement for either product; we are only trying to inform you of the “lights instead of hands system” and the different options available to you.

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